View Full Version : Devolo 200AV Homeplug digital noise interference

2008-11-20, 14:13
I have 5 squeezebox 3's around the house all connected to a MediaSmart home server via Devolo 200 AV homeplugs. I've never noticed any problems with this setup until I happened to plug a pair of headphones into one of the boxes this morning.

I noticed that whenever the activity light on the Devolo flashes (to indicate network activity( it causes a digital noise click through the headphones even when the SB is switched off and playing nothing.

Things really start to hot up when the SB is switched on though. Any scrolling activity causes digital noise and when a track is eventually played, the digital interference sounds almost like a fax machine through a telephone receiver (albeit much fainter).

This is definitely a problem caused by the Devolo homeplugs as I've tried plugging the ethernet cable directly into the PC and it is compleletly noise free.

Has anyone experienced this and is there a way to eradicate it?

cheers for any help.

2008-11-20, 14:48
Actually, as a quick update I've found that the problem is that the power supply I have with this particular squeezbox doesn't have the little black box built into the lead. Not sure if that's relevant.

2008-11-21, 05:26
I'm confused now because according to this thread...


...the problem was fixed back in 2005 and yet I'm still getting it.