View Full Version : Now playing not turned on automatically anymore?

2008-11-20, 04:55
I feel a bit confused, I am pretty sure the behavior I am seeing from my Squeezebox Classic is different from before, but I am not sure if it's an upgrade or my own tweaking that has changed it.

Anyway, as I remember it, if I would browse for some music, finding an album, and pressing Play, the music would start playing, and after a while (perhaps 10 seconds), the Now playing screen would show.

Today, the screen keeps showing wherever I was browsing when I hit play, i.e. somewhere in the browse menu structure.

I have set the SB to show the Now playing screen after 10 seconds of non-activity, and then I have MusicInfoSCR set as my default screen.

So, has there been a change in the software in the last updates?