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2008-11-19, 13:25
I am a new owner of a duet and an additional receiver. All working well for playback, but I have a question regarding the way squeezecentre identifies albums.
As an example I have the ultimate disney album (kids!!) and this displays in squeezecentre as about 40 separate albums. So I assume that this is something to do with album and artist, but I don't really know what I need to change in order to fix this.
If I look at the files on disk, these are organised by artist\album\xxx.mp3.
These were all ripped a long time ago on MusicMatch before they got yahoo'd.
Now Windows media player recognises these as one album, but Squeezecenter doesn't.
Not entirely sure how to make squeezecentre think that these are all in one album.
Does anyone have some guidance here as to what sqeezecentre is doing and what my best course of action to fix it would be.

2008-11-19, 15:34
The tricky question of compilations and album artists, to which there is no consensus answer.

In the 'Music Library' panel try setting 'Group compilation albums together' and re-scanning. I find it helps if you use the tagging program mp3tag to explicitly set a tag 'COMPILATION=1' on the album(s) you want to treat as a compilation. Then Squeezecenter isn't guessing.

>These were all ripped a long time ago on MusicMatch<

It's possible you have mix of ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags with differing values. mp3tag will show these and allow you to remove the ID3v1 data.

2008-11-23, 20:51
I have the same issue with my squeezebox. When I am wanting to play the album of choice I find it best to browse in the music folder. All the albums are in the same order you will find on your computers music folder.