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Kevin Hawkins
2004-04-19, 03:53
Interesting - I had sort of thought this was either a general
SlimServer/XP issue or a transparent cache issue with my ISP which is NTL
btw. So it was reassuring that Simon could confirm SlimServer worked OK on
XP - but then rather disappointing that he was on NTL cable as well as my
second possibility seemed to go too.

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> I also get the same problem with HitzRadio, and also the
> 32kbps Virgin Radio stream. The Radiostorm.com; NOW stream
> (also in the POP category) works fine.

I would be very grateful in anything you find out here that might point us
in the right direction. Do you hear something similar to my audio file btw
?? ( I can receive Radiostorm ok too)

> I had a little time this morning before coming to work to
> check these three streams and found the ones that did not
> work used the 1.9.4 shoutcast server, streamed on port 80
> - therefore going through my ISP's proxy cache.
> Radiostorm uses the 1.9.2 shoutcast server, and it is not
> on port 80, so no cache.

I know that NTL have a few ongoing problems with proxy cache at the
moment - as some http sites just appear inaccesible (Yahoo Groups being one)
- when I reported this problem they said they were aware of a cache
technical issue and asked me to enter the proxy cache address manually into
IE until I found one that worked. That fixed the problem but of course it's
not going to help here. What NTL did say is that they use different
transaparent cache implementatins in different geographic areas - maybe
Simon is in an area that works. I assume there is no way to force a certain
proxy this way from SlimServer is there ?? Would that be a feature that Slim
Devices could be incorporating or is it (as I suspect) more a case of just
bashing NTL about the problem.
One other interesting thing though is that WinAMP plays
significantly better (almost faultless off this stream) - however I do feel
that it may still have some minor problems though but I will listen again to
try and ascertain this . The SlimServer is very much the most effected by
the problem, as you can hear from the sample it is not listenable, it is
consistently like this too. Significantly perhaps I am getting the same
audio sections repeated - often a few seconds apart which sort of implies
they are being received twice (?) but I would have thought a tcp stream
would manage all this to present coherent data - or is it UDP ??

> Now I am wondering about my broadband router, it's a
> D-Link DI-614+. I have had some trouble with this since I
> got my squeezebox's, it does not seem to like streaming
> much! If I get time this evening I'll try directly
> connecting my PC to my broadband link and see if that helps.

I use a Vigor2200 router here - I havent easily got a way of
swapping this out but I do have a dialup account so I might try using that
on the low speed stream and see if the problem goes away. Then I can narrow
it down between ISP's (dialup is with Demon) and routers. If it goes away I
know where there is another brand cable router I could try or I will attach
the PC directly and see what happens.

Do let me know what you find here..