View Full Version : Going into standby when computer is set to "Always On"

2008-11-19, 06:22
OK, weirdness happening for sure and I'm sure if I can figure this out then the rest will fall into place.

My Transporter puts my computer into standby mode around 80 seconds after an album is finished even though I have the power setting set at "Go into standby after 15 minutes". This has perplexed me to no end.

I performed these tests several times with the power state set at "Always On". I manually put the computer into standby mode when I had to by pressing the front power button (Dell Tower).

1) I wake computer using a slight movement of the mouse. No matter what I do in SC, with the Transporter or with The Controller, it has no effect on the computer - it stays on indefinitely.

2) I wake the computer using the Transporter's remote or The Controller and do nothing else, the computer wakes up but goes back to standby after around 80 seconds - EVEN THOUGH IT IS SET TO ALWAYS ON!!!

I can't figure this out. My buddy at the dog park thinks its a Windows bug/quirk. I've checked the hard-drive for errors, the network card says it's working properly and has the latest driver, etc. Can you think of why this is happening???

Dell Tower dedicated to streaming music
D-Link WBR-1310 Router
XP Home SP3
Transporter (wireless), Controller and SC (all latest firmware and software updates)
320 Gig ALAC Library