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Simon Turner
2004-04-19, 01:05
> I really would appreciate it if you (anyone) could try it on a
> Windows XP build too.

I've just listened to 5 minutes each of three 128k Shoutcast radio stations
on my XP Squeezebox system via the supplied plugin. They all sounded fine,
including the Virgin 128 station. There may have been one very momentary
glitch on one of the radio stations but I only heard it once and cannot be
sure that it was not the broadcast itself. I only updated the firmware and
Slimserver last night so this is the first time I have listened to Shoutcast
via the plugins as supplied with the Slimserver software.
However, I have been using the Shoutcast plugin for quite a few months (many
thanks to KDF for the help I required configuring the then not included
third party plugin!). I only listen to 128k stations and have never
experienced any problems anything like those displayed in your supplied
audio file. I don't listen to Virgin though.
I get my broadband from NTL who do operate a transparent cache.

The nearest problem I have experieneced to that described by you is with
sound drop outs but these were all cured when I:
* Stopped file sharing so much (i.e left some bandwidth for the radio!)
* Upgraded the last Win 98 machine on my network to 2000 (this *may have*
cured my flac drop out problems, but was never certain)
* Increased my wirelsss signal strength from 45% to 70%

Hope this is of some help.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

My system:
Windows XP SP1a
Processor 1.5ghz P4
Ram: 512mb
Broadband: NTDWorld Cable
NIC: DLink DFE 530TX
Hub: Neatgear Dual speed DS108
Other machines in network: 1 XP + 1 2000.
WNAP: Belkin F5D7130
Slimserver vs 5.1.3
Squeezebox Firmware 10
Wireless signal strength: 70%
Using digital out via co-ax to
Perpetual Technologies P-A3 Hi Res DAC
HiFi: Naim separates
Speakers: Shahinian Arcs