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2008-11-17, 19:59
I was wondering if there is anything like bookmarks in Squeeze Center. When I bought my mp3 player that was a "must support" feature. With a multi-user squeeze center setup this is even more critical. I like to listen to audio books (one file 1h30min play time). So if I stop and my wife listens to music the next day, I can't start listening to my audio book where I stopped the day before.

That's were bookmarks would be very useful.

I create a bookmark when I'm done with my audio book, my wife can listen to whatever in the mean time, when I'm ready to go on with the book I can just start listening starting from the bookmark.

It would be great if bookmarks could be supported in the future (preferable having the title tag of the bookmarked file, and the date it was created in the name).

(using squeezebox duet)

2008-11-17, 20:11
Take a look at this request, consider commenting and/or voting on it: