View Full Version : Bridge XBox through receiver. How?

2008-11-17, 05:28
I thought I would be able to configure my Receiver to allow me to connect my Xbox to my wireless network.

I have tried connecting the Xbox to the Receiver and then resetting the Receiver. It was my belief that this would trigger the question "enable bridging" in the network setup. This didn't happen.

Anyone done this?


2008-11-18, 14:10
This is not supported on the receiver.

It does work with the Classic, Transporter and Boom however.


2008-11-18, 15:00
As mentioned, it's not supported, but I believe the Net-UDAP tool does allow you to enable bridging on the SBR. It's strictly use-at-your-own-risk though! Search the forum for UDAP for more details.

2008-11-19, 05:10
Gah! Thanks for the replies.

I saw reference to this feature somewhere - probably on blurb for the Duet on AvForums and their ilk.

Shame really as my Duet sits right next to my XBox.

Any reason why it's not supported for the Duet but IS for, say, the Boom which is supposed to be a portable device? The UDAP stuff implies that it is actually possible so why not make the feature visible and support it?


2008-11-19, 20:40
I, too, would really like to see bridging enabled for the SBR.

Looks like there is an open enhancement request for it, so add your votes.