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2008-11-17, 03:52

I'm considering buying a Yamaha DVX-1000 http://www.yamaha-hifi.com/products.php?lang=e&country=DK&idprod=1458 or something similar.

The problem is that the Yamaha only has one digital in and one aux in.

So my question is, what port would give me the best sound from the Squeezebox receiver? Digital or aux?

2008-11-17, 05:39
I believe these will answer your questions, but post back if not.

2008-11-17, 06:24

So, i't depends on whether I prefere the DAC in the Yamaha or the one in the Squeezebox, and how good the Yamaha's ADC is if I want to use analog out, right?

Only problem is that I want to use the digital in on the Yamaha for my XBox 360, so I need to use the aux in on the Yamaha for the Squeezebox, and I can't listen to that setup combination without buying it.

Guess I have to setup my Harman Kardon AVR 5550 and try listening to the two signals on that before buying tha Yamaha, and hope that the Yamaha's ADC is not completly rubbish.

2008-11-17, 06:51
I doubt it will be 'good' ADC, so to get the cleanest signal from analog to the actual amplification section you just want to bypass it if possible. Of course the cleanest signal may not sound the best on your system, in which case bass/treble/dsp might make the ADC>DAC conversion moot in listening comparisons, which trumps theory IMO.

Most receivers have a bypass or direct mode, but not sure about the one you linked to. If you're still shopping and really need to use the analog input for SB, you might consider putting that feature on your list.

2008-11-17, 07:46
Still shopping, and I might decide to go for something with two digital in, or some bypass option.

Anyone who can recomend any good AVR with built in DVD?