View Full Version : LinkStation with OpenLink & SqueezeCenter?

2008-11-16, 06:51
I have a LinkStation HD-HG250LAN (With 750GB drive) that I have installed Openlink and TwonkyMedia Center on.
I am about to purchase a SqueezeBox Duet and would therefore like to install SqueezeCenter on it also. Has anybody been succesful in doing so?
All the instructions I see are using freelink.

2008-11-17, 11:32
You *should* be able to do it with OpenLink, but it's a lot more manual work. And as you observed, you would be the one blazing the trail. In particular, it's very useful to have the 'aptitude' (apt-get) available for installing the packages you need. Even then it's not trivial, and there's at least perl module (Encode:: Detect) that doesn't work with PowerPC-based platforms like the HD-HG, although there is a fallback option that you can hack.

Any compelling reason for you not to reflash the LS to FreeLink?

2008-11-17, 16:36
Not compelling :)

I just have to backup a lot of stuff and had a nicely working box with OpenLink and TwonkyMedia Server on it, but I guess I will give Freelink a try.