View Full Version : Changing DNS i SBC

2008-11-16, 05:57
Hi all, just generaly messing around with my controller.

I was planning on editing my network setup in the controller, but you cant just do that.

You have to "forget" the network and do everything over again ? bizzare.

I just want to edit the DNS settings( you can do that on the SB3 no problems )

Can i SSH to it and edit a file or something ?

Should i file an bug on this ? the settings must be available for changes or editing without going true the wizard.

I know theres a bug for that on SBR making something user friendly and official of net-udap.

2008-11-16, 08:14
A simple thing like edit resolve.conf is not working it's getting overwritten from somewhere, every reboot.

2008-11-16, 10:23
Hopefully editing the file interfaces in /etc/network did it

Why I'm bothering with this ? it actually feels safer than using the setup wizard, who knows what happens then ?

So is this it ? have I managed to change the DNS settings in the controller with out using the setup wizard ?

resolve.conf gets overwritten with my new DNS setting now