View Full Version : SlimServer_v2004-04-18.dmg - browser update issue + digital output issue

Mike Reeve
2004-04-18, 16:35

In addition to my previous issue with the latest nighly ...

>BTW the latest nightly (SlimServer_v2004-04-18.dmg) seems to get into a
>where the browser interface is constantly updated
>(despite my having the Browser Refresh Timing set to 300) ... :-O

FYI this seems to consistently occur
after the transition from the 1st song of a playlist to the 2nd ...

.... there also now seems to be an issue with the digital output:
on pause, stop or at the end of a playlist
my external DAC is now loosing lock with the SqueezeBox digital output.
So it seems that the continuous outputting of digital zero under these
[which was put in a few firmware releases ago by popular demand :-)]
is no longer the case ... :-(