View Full Version : Duet Controller low Wireless signal strenght

2008-11-15, 19:21
Hello, I recently purchased a squeezebox duet. I have already the system up and running but if I walk away more than 8-10' from my wireless router the signal strenght drops from 54 to 0. I have an additional wireless access point to cover the back of my house and the same thing happens with it.

Things I already tried are...

updated the router & access point firmware
Running with and without encryption
Running with and without MAC address filtering (access control)
Assigning a fixed IP to the controller
Resseting to controller to the factory default like 10 times and reconfiguring again!!!

...nothing has worked so far...

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

2008-11-18, 05:55
Try changing Wi-Fi channel - perhaps one of your neighbours is on the same channel or you have something in your home that is interfering with frequencies inside your chosen channel.