View Full Version : using squeezecenter without internet connection

2008-11-15, 16:24
Tonight, my internet connection became very slow, as it sometimes happens, I was surprised to see my SB boom which was connected via squeezecenter loose functionality (trying to play music on the library). I thought squeezecenter was only using the local network, not the internet.

Is there something I don't understand?

2008-11-15, 16:59
Are you sure your "slow connection" isn't a local network problem?

Like a spamming virus on the server?

2008-11-15, 17:27
How is your network setup ?

There some bizzare isp's that controls the whole network, so that you in practice have no local network everything is connected directly to the isp ? dchp and stuff is controlled remotely.
So when connection is lost the network is falling apart ?

I never heard of it before i saw some poor fellow describe such a setup on this site, how this works is not clear to me.

If you describe your network some folks here that now such stuff may be able to help

2008-11-15, 20:48
I switch my internet connection off all the time - no effect on Squeezecentre.

2008-11-17, 12:29
ok my setup:

isp is tiscali uk
then I have a thomson speedtouch modem/router
2 pcs, one of which runs squeezecenter
1 squeezebox boom

It could be my local network, but I don't think so, I always have very good signal strength.

squeezecenter is always at how would tiscali change that? I can ask tiscali if they do something like mnyb describes but what should I ask?