View Full Version : Problem loading V2x firmware

Robert Wallace
2004-04-18, 15:14

I'm using my SqueezeBox wirelessly and I have the 5.1.3 server (Windows)
installed and my
SB "upgraded" to firmware V.10 without problems.

I decided to move up to the V.21 firmware and, from instructions in the
5.1.3 release notes,
uncommented the bottom two lines in the Firmware/squeezebox.version file.
When I restarted
SlimServer, my SB gave me the "Press and Hold Brightness..." message and I
did (though I always
seem to have to put my SB IP address into SlimServer.) Anyway, the SB and
server both announced
a sucessful update and the SB restarted and went through it's reattachment
to the server and went
back to the "Press and Hold Brightness..." message. I've been through the
several times and still
keep getting the "success" message, but no real update.

I recommented the squeezebox.version lines and my SB restarted normally (in
V.10) when the server

So, is there some trick to getting the 20 or 21 firmware update to really


Robert Wallace