View Full Version : Connecting Blackberry Bold to LAN for SB3

2008-11-15, 07:38
I have owned a wireless SB3 for closing on 3 years now.

I have a new Blackberry Bold, and have managed to connect it to my home LAN. I can surf the external Net, so I know it is connected.

I enter the http://server:9000/handheld/ into the browser, but get an error when trying to connect to control the SB3 - HTTP Error 400: Bad Request.

I can connect using my work notebook, so I am thinking I must be doing something wrong with the Blackberry.

Do I need to download something onto the Blackberry?

2008-11-15, 08:13
It may have to do with the fact that I am on BES. Apparently, you need to use the wifi browser to directly connect to the Net.

You CAN browse the external net using either your Internet Browser, or the Blackberry Browser (the default for BES users), but if your BES Security groups are not setup to allow wifi Browser, it will not be an option.

I appear to be in that situation, as the only Browser options I have are:

Rogers Mall

However, I cannot get any selection other than Blackberry Browser to "stick". I change the browser, save it, but when I return to the screen where I enter the IP address to search for the SB3, it has returned to Blackberry Browser.

I think that is why I am stuck.

For BIS users, you should be able to use the device.

2008-11-18, 04:24
I was wrong, I was trying to change the Browser in the incorrect menu.

To change the browser, you need to go to Browser/Options/General Properties

Changes made there will stick just fine.

Is there a list of skins somewhere? I have triend Nokia770, and Touch, but am interested to know if there are other lite skins designed for handheld use?

Thanks, love the SB3!