View Full Version : Protecting SB3 display

2008-11-14, 10:09
I have my SB3 in the kitchen and still have the original plastic protecting it. It's now starting to come off gradually and not as clear as it was.

Anyone have a suggestion for protecting it?

Does anyone know if there is a custom made screen protector for it(ideally available in the UK)?

2008-11-14, 10:50
you know that "screen protector" is just fo shipping right? You are meant to take it off :)

I would be surprised if you couldn't find large sheets of generic screen protector that you could cut with a craft knife. I have never seen custom ones for an SB3, as it isn't designed to be a portable device, there isn't really a need for this.

2008-11-14, 11:05
I know it's for shipping but I left it on to protect SB3 from grease etc.

2008-11-14, 11:14
I figured that, just being cheeky really :P

Seriously though, you should be able to find larger than normal sheets of that stuff on eBay or somewhere similar.

2008-11-14, 12:16
There is clear contact paper. I have some but it is a little bit frosted, which you might not like.

Or how about a strip of clear packing tape? Might be hard to remove though.

I know I have seen cut-your-own sheets of screen protector material in office supply stores here in the US. If you can't find something like that maybe a craft store wold have some kind of adhesive vinyl.

Or get a laptop screen protector and cut it down.

2008-11-14, 15:34
I know it's for shipping but I left it on to protect SB3 from grease etc.

It would be better for your SB3 if you were to lighten up your diet a bit.

Better for you too!