View Full Version : Duet receiver problems

2008-11-14, 09:51
A bought my duet 4 weeks ago and set it up with no problems and it ran for two weeks. Then on turning on power, receiver would not power up. After trying every thing i could think of, it suddenly reset itself, worked fine for 3 hours, then returned to slow flashing red light. I can't get it to reset by - turning on/ off, pushing front button etc,
Any suggestons would be very much appreciated or is it justa dud?

2008-11-14, 11:37
I would call support. Personally have not had the opportunity to use but have read that they are very good.

2008-11-17, 14:09
Try downloading the latest firmware associated with 7.2.1 to the controller by direct internet connection. Then bring the receiver close to your router and controller and turn the controller on and then the receiver after a factory defualt reset on the receiver.

That worked for me.