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2008-11-14, 03:11
OK, I have read around the forums looking into why SB3 boxes seem to freeze, tried numerous things to get it working and then when all that failed, what I tried - and at the moment, what has worked for me, though drastic.

In a nutshell - rebuild your machine from scratch, patch fully and then reinstall SC - I use 7.2.1

I had a SB3 giving problems - this was a wireless one, but an older SB3 wired only was running fine - and that is over 14Mbps homeplug.
I tried the wireless SB3 over the same homeplug network, a direct connection and it still failed. I tried the resets, the Xilinix chip resets, changing the firmware down to the version that came with SC 6.5 and it still failed
Connecting to the SN was fine for hours, and indeed any network test and it was fine.
I then decided it was dead and purchased as SB-Boom. this had EXACTLY the same problems - every thing is good until you are playing music.
I tried another WAP, changing channels, security, changing speeds to be onl b, then g then back to mixed etc

I then dug out my old HTPC and installed SC 7.2.1 onto that and ALL my units played OK. I then started to add the same software that was on my exising box and it all worked until I added IIS. Ah, removing and it worked, readding and it failed. Went to my old server and removed IIS, and it still failed.
At this point I decided to do a complete rebuild of my old HTPC, repatched it with all the patches, reinstalled SC7.21, Alien BBC, then the other software I used (TVersity, IIS, POPFile, VPOP3 and FileZilla server).
Everything was still running fine. It still is even after this months patches from MS.

On the old box I tried everything - new drivers, new nic, resetting the IP stack, winsock etc and it still never worked. At that stage I gave up and just rebuilt that machine (which now works fine).

the thing that has really thrown me here is the fact that my wired SB3 has never had a problem and the wireless units also failed when connected by wire so I assumed the problem was with the SB3 itself. Only when I got the boom did I really consider the server - it had kind of crossed my mind as a last resort option, but I was really convinced it was OK


2008-11-17, 05:46

I have two SB3s, one in the lounge and one in my bedroom, and one of them reboots itself on a quite regular basis, after 5 minutes or so, longer sometimes.

I swapped them over, thinking it was a problem with the wi-fi but it's just the same when wired. I swapped the power supplies but the problem remained with the same unit. I'm thinking perhaps a component might be failing? It seems to reboot itself after a few minutes with loud/busy music and lasts for several tracks sometimes with quieter music. Could something be getting overloaded?

Your post pointing the finger at the server operating system is interesting and now I'm wondering if I can revive this wonky player.

I've tried going back to v6.5 but it still fails, I'm currently on an overnight build of v7.2.1 from a couple of weeks ago, firmware 113. I'm running Windows XP, with recently applied SP3 although it was failing on SP2 for a while before that.

Doe anyone know if there are any debug settings I can turn on which might indicate what's actually happening at the player? Or any plug-ins? I sometimes see a crazed display just before it reboots. Mostly it carries on with the track it was playing, other times it stays quiet in the "stopped" position.

Any clues, tips or advice would be most welcome


EDIT: I should have searched better first (doh!), just found this thread indicating I need to try firmware 64. Will try and report back.

UPDATE: Fixed with v6.5.0 and firmware 64! :) I've emailed support to raise (or resurrect) a bug.

2008-11-20, 04:10
I tried all the firmwares as they were mentioned.
I really thought my SB3 was dead and the wired one working made me think that more and more. I even had a call raised and was getting ready to send it back for repair / swap but decided to look at the server first.

What started the doubt was when the SN worked fine for hours without a drop, but the clincher was when my Boom arrived and it had the same problem

I was lucky in that I had an old HTPC I could do some testing with