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John Quirk
2004-04-18, 12:19
You've given me some lovely control ideas for my own setup :-)
I'm thinking for myself:-

slimserver IR xAP event -> homseer software -> comfort IR output
slimserver IR xAP event -> xAP comfort -> comfort IR output


I installed the xAP kit a few months back. I have hooked it up to the slim
software to allow me to manage my lights and alarm system:

I press 1-5 on the slim remote to set my bedroom lights up, I issue a
homeseer cmd line exe to send an extended X-10 command to dim the lights to
the required amount.

Press 987 and the alarm (Comfort) arms (via X10) and all the house lights
(except the bedroom) are turned off.

I haven't been able to enable the up and down keys in the IRMap to do
dimming, but otherwise it's absolutely fantastic. Once the xAP interface to
homeseer is available, even more will be possible, particularly if the slim
guys enable the full IR throughput from the slimp3s like they have for the
squeezebox ;-)