View Full Version : Squeezebox can see music details but cant play the music

2008-11-13, 03:12

I've just got my SB and a Netgear ReadyNAS duo. I have got the SB to see the music details via ethernet. i.e. i can scroll through the albums/songs etc. with all of the requisite details but when i hit play, nothing happens. i can add an album to my iTunes library re-scan and see it immediatly on my SB. [it is using my iTunes library].

Any ideas?

2008-11-13, 04:56
You don't have the required program to decode the AAC or ALAC files in your iTunes library. See this wiki entry as a good starting point:


Sorry I can't be more helpful with regards to the ReadyNAS specifically. I personally use mplayer to decode AAC on my Solaris box.

2008-11-13, 12:33
The response from 4mula1 sounds dead-on to me. If you need help finding the necessary software and getting it installed and configured on your ReadyNAS, you'll probably have better luck posting on the ReadyNAS forum, here: http://readynas.com/forum/

Sorry I can't help with that, but I've never used any Apple formats.