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2008-11-12, 17:58
Hey All,

I lost my remote control about a month back, and recently figured out how to use a Universal Remote with the JVC DVD codes to talk to the squeezebox, so I have it back up and running now. It was defunct for a while because we recently changed our security settings in our apartment, so it wasn't connecting at all.

Its back on the network now, but since the Squeezecenter on my computer is upgraded, the new remote has no "Brightness" button for me to press and hold, so it won't upgrade the firmware in the SB. Does anybody know if there is a brightness equivalent for the Sony RM-V310. Alternately, since I'm on the network now, is there a way to upgrade through the browser control?


2008-11-12, 21:07
Well it's depending on how old SqueezeCenter/firmware you are upgrading from.

In the never SB3 firmware's you go in to the settings (hold left arrow for a while) and somewhere there's a setting for automatic firmware upgrade.

So if you set that the old SB3 behaves like an SBR and upgrades by itself every time you upgrade SqueezeCenter.

2008-11-12, 23:36

That's great. Its all set up perfectly, and I'll be listening to my sweet tunes late into the night.