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2008-11-12, 13:58
I've searched, believe me. But if I understand correctly, you can't skin the remote for the Duet. Skinning Squeezecenter is possible, but I'm good with with the default skin. I might be in the minority here, but I love using the remote/controller, whatever it's called.

I want to skin the remote with something like iPeng. Can it be done?
If so, can someone please explain how? I've tried every search word combination here and on google, to no avail. If the question's already been posted (which it must have been!) forgive me in advance for not finding it.
Any tips are mucho appreciated,


A new happy new Duet user :-)

2008-11-12, 14:24
You can change the background on the remote using the Customise Controller plugin which is in the web interface of Squeezecenter - Settings/Plugins/Customise Controller. I use a picture of the room that corresponds to the player (Living Room, Bedroom etc). You can also use Custom Sounds, but no greater skinning ability than that at the moment.

Here are some samples to get you started (ignore the instructions to add the wallpaper in that thread - it's out of date).


2008-11-12, 15:41
Thank you so much for that info!
Too bad we can't do more than that; I'd love to have more interface options on the remote.....
Thanks again,

2008-11-12, 17:22
Which options in particular? The SD guys are generally very receptive to enhancement requests, particularly where there is a wide group of users who are asking for the functionality.

Have a look at bugs.slimdevices.com (for example, http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7190 and http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=142 may be relevant to what you want to do).

If you can make a good case for it within the existing architecture, it may happen (although there's a lot going on at the moment, so it probably won't be an instant result especially if you're asking for major stuff). Also, you can promote options to the top level menu of the Controller, which may be helpful for you.