View Full Version : AAC problems on 5.1.3

Deryl Seale
2004-04-18, 10:51
I am having real problems getting AAC files to play using the latest
version of SlimServer (5.1.3). I've tried two things:

1) With lame.exe installed in server/Bin, SlimServer appears to try to
correctly transcode the file through lame, but for some reason, it is
**SLOW** to reach the player. With the buffer fullness option turned
on, I can watch the player start to buffer the song, but it happens at
a glacial pace, and never reaches a point where the song can begin. It
will get about 2/3 of the way buffered, then drop down again. At no
point does the song ever start to actually play.

2) With lame.exe uninstalled, SlimServer appears to try to correctly
use mov123 to play the song in AIFF format, but nothing ever starts on
the player. No buffering occurs at all, and the song never starts

In both cases, I can see that the appropriate processes are running
(mov123 + lame or just mov123, respectively), but I can't get anything
to play. I was happily playing AAC in the last released version of

My setup: server is Windows XP, SlimServer v5.1.3, wireless network

I'd be happy to report debug output if someone tells me which flags to