View Full Version : Griffin Powermate and Squeezecenter?

2008-11-11, 19:18
Has anyone successfully used a Griffin Powermate USB ( http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/powermate ) with Squeezecenter under Windows? I know that mherger has a Linux solution. But I have VERY limited knowledge of Linux, and am running Squeezecenter under Windows. I am really only interested in having a quick desktop solution for volume control. Any other functions would be fine, but not necessary.

2008-11-11, 23:50
It is quite quick and easy to write plugins for the Powermate Windows app. The plugins are written in any .net language. So anyone with experience of a .net language and SqueezeCenter's CLI interface should be able to knock it up fairly easily.

2008-11-12, 09:33
Unfortunately, that's not me. I'm not a programmer, and I started reading the CLI tech info last night and my brain almost exploded. I have no idea ..

I DO know that according to Griffin Tech, the Powermate will operate any devices/apps that accept key commands. So wouldn't that include Squeezecenter?

2008-11-12, 11:18
Okay ..

I was messing around with the Powermate and it's included software. I can't get it to control Squeezecenter, but I DID fire up Moose and it DOES manipulate the volume when I have Moose running (I mapped knob turns to VOL_UP and VOL_DOWN and button press to MUTE). So it CAN manipulate volume settings via Moose, but NOT Squeezecenter itself.

So .. can anyone figure out why this is? How can I get it to work with Squeezecenter WITHOUT Moose (I don't always run Moose).

2008-11-12, 14:59
Because Moose is a "real" Windows application and SqueezeCenter is just a web page running within your web browser. Very different beasts.

2008-11-12, 18:31
Does anyone know a "CLI For Dummies" location where I could try to make sense of key presses/commands for Squeezecenter and the Powermate? I looked under "HELP/TECHNICAL INFO/CLI" and that is just WAY over my head. I guess the big question is: will ALL CLI discussions be "over my head?" ;-)

2008-11-12, 20:19
If you don't want to run Moose, I believe SqueezePlay has keyboard mappings.

CLI: start at your SqueezeCenter web interface. Click on Help, then Technical Information and you'll see the Command Line Interface documentation link (should look like http://yourserver:9000/html/docs/cli-api.html). If all you want is an app to listen for keypresses and translate them into volup/voldown/mute, that shouldn't be too hard. Toughest part would be adapting for a multi-player setup.

You might also look at adding an onKeyDown Javascript event handler to one of the SqueezeCenter web skins. If you can configure the Griffin software to send key events to a particular web browser window, that might be the easiest way.

But it depends largely on what technology you're most comfortable with...


2008-11-17, 12:04
Powermate has a newer utility which I just d/l'd (I hadn't used the PM for a couple of years) which can easily be set up to send keys.

Does anyone know if SqueezeOS/SqueezePlay have a MUTE function? I looked here http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SqueezePlay_Developers_FAQ but all it shows is VOL_UP/VOL_DOWN.

2008-11-20, 06:19
http://www.herger.net/slim/powermate.avi :-)

2008-11-28, 19:00
Actually, when the light bulb in my tiny little head popped up and I thought

" .. HEY .. I forgot about that little knob thingy that I haven't used in a couple of years .. I wonder if there's some way I could simply control volume on the Squeezebox with it .."

I ran a search and saw your video. That is a little more than I want to do with it. I am simply looking for VOL_UP/VOL_DOWN/MUTE. It works all three under Moose, but I've had no success with just Squeezecenter (when I'm not running Moose). If I could just find a key sequence in order to send CLI commands for all three functions, I might be able to get 'er done. I just can't find a key sequence for MUTE.