View Full Version : EAC + library wifi = DOA

2008-11-11, 14:28
has this happened to anyone else?

i occassionally go to the library to do research etc... since i have a fancy laptop, i figured hey, what the hell, i'll rip some CDs while i'm here working on whatever.

well, that would be great except the freedb lookup balks in the damn library. i have net access via wifi, i can surf, skype, email, and when i load the CD in WMP or Winamp, they have np getting the info.

but EAC, in the library, can't. it does just fine at home tho.

so whats going on? why can't EAC reach the freedb in the library?

this is the link EAC uses:


and i have "on connection error, try a different server" checked.

i have had this happen in at least two totally separate libraries. i think i did get EAC to work ok in one library.

i'm sure its somehow due to the networking rules or config of the library, but i wouldn't have a clue what to ask em to change to make EAC work.

i think i am finding this more frustrating than i should be. >:(

2008-11-11, 14:32
It's probably due to the firewall settings. I don't know whether you can configure EAC to use your browser's settings instead.

2008-11-11, 14:38
i don't follow what you mean...

this addy doesn't work either:


wouldn't both the browser and the above be using the same port? (ie. 80)

and how is skype working?

i don't know how, or if its even possible to get EAC to use the "browsers settings" nor do i truly understand what the browsers settings are.

i do know that after i established the wifi connection, when i opened the browser i had to click on an "i agree" button on the libraries webpage, which it automatically opened to. once i did that, everything seemed to work, except EAC.

2008-11-11, 14:44
Maybe the library's firewall is to blame ?
Who nows what they filter ? or which ports they close for what traffic ?

2008-11-11, 14:50
No, it is not a matter of port.
When you connect to the internet from a company (or a library), to make it simple, you connect through another computer : a firewall.
Normally, when you connect to the library's network, the browser *may* get automatically the firewall settings (address and port) but sometimes it does not. In this last case, you need to change manually the settings of your browser and indicate the address of the firewall and its port (usually 8080).

Visibly, EAC doesn't get automatically the firewall settings, so you need to indicate in EAC>Freedb options the firewall's address/port.

2008-11-11, 15:19
when i connected via the wifi, meaning, to the ssid, all i did after that was open an IE window and it took me to the terms page for the library where i simply clicked "i agree."

after that i was golden, so whatever happened, happened automatically. i don't see that IE settings got changed at all, nor does it seem a proxy server is in use.

i know i must seem very thick, but i'm simply not getting it. somehow all these other things are working fine, while EAC/freedb are blocked.

i don't know the firewall info for the library, nor know how to tell EAC to use it if i did. i'm not even sure its possible.

in any case, i appreciate the light shed.

2008-11-11, 15:31
nor know how to tell EAC to use it if i did. i'm not even sure its possible.Go to "EAC" menu, then "freedb/Database options" option. There, you can check the firewall proxy and put its address and port.

2008-11-11, 15:42
ok, i understand. the problem is i don't know that information, but i will ask.

addititonally i'm confused b/c everything else worked automatically, only EAC is having an issue, but i would guess your solution is a good one, if i had the info.

2008-11-11, 15:46
Sorry, I can't help you more, I'm afraid. I master networks, but I'm not an EAC specialist. :(

2008-11-11, 16:02
Library's may also block a lot of sites and programs in the firewall. It may be your problem. Can you use any other programs that access the internet at the library? You might try that and see. There is a way to download the freedb onto your computer so that you don't need the access. You might look into that if it becomes a problem that you can't overcome. Then EAC will just look to your hd for info.

2008-11-12, 21:16
Try going to the CDDB URL you gave in your first post from a browser. If that works (you should get a message about an incorrect number of arguments), it's probably the proxy settings (strictly speaking it's proxy, not firewall - they're different things). If that doesn't work either then it's probably something upstream at the library which you won't be able to (easily) get around.