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Brian Ritchie
2008-11-11, 13:02
So I'm supposed to post stuff about Transporter to the Audiophile forum? Well, precisely what I wanted to say was that I don't consider myself an audiophile, and don't consider my system to be audiophile quality:

Arcam Delta 290 / 290P paired amps
Mission 7-something speakers, bi-amped
Arcam Alpha 6 CD player
(other bits irrelevant)

(See, I can't even remember what speakers we have!)

Simple tests suggested that the Alpha 6 sounded better to me than the SB3, but sheer convenience of the SB3 won out. (Also, the Alpha 6 sometimes skips, even after a major service.)

I wasn't sure that I'd feel the benefit of splashing out on a Transporter, which easily costs 2-3 times as much as any of the other components. But eventually, I decided I could afford to try.

As far as I'm concerned, the difference is staggering.

I don't have the language to put it into words properly. I've read that the Transporter is "more involving", and though I've no idea what that means, I think I agree. :-)

When we added the 290P and bi-amped, the big difference was that vocals really started to stand out. I'd sort-of forgotten that, or got used to it sounding the way it does; but the Transporter brings it back to life with a vengeance.

I'm not staggered all the time; for background listening I'd probably be happy with the SB3 (which now lives in the kitchen), but even then, every now and again something will come on and I'll have to stop whatever else I'm doing and listen, for I'm hearing things I've never noticed before.

So if you're wondering whether your system would "justify" a Transporter, perhaps this will help persuade you to try!

-- Brian

2008-11-11, 14:55
Presumably using the Transporter's DAC which I would assume is somewhat better than that of the SB3. Did you vere try running the SB3 via its digital output to another DAC before plugging that into your Arcam ?

Brian Ritchie
2008-11-11, 16:20
Nope, because I don't have a separate DAC. Didn't think of getting one either. (Didn't even think to check whether the Alpha 6 has a digital-in socket, though if it has it won't be optical.)

-- Brian