View Full Version : Transporter often lags behind when sync'd

Brian Ritchie
2008-11-11, 12:41
I have a Transporter, a Receiver and an SB3. I often find that when I sync them, the Transporter lags behind the other two, at least for a few tracks, by a second or so. When this happens, going back to the start of the track, or to the previous track, or to the next few tracks, all make no difference. Usually after a few tracks, it sorts itself out; but I've never found a way of making it go away immediately, or be sure it won't happen in the first place.

I haven't changed any of the settings under Settings/Player/Synchronise from their defaults, and I'd hate to have to try to work out how much delay to add to the other units so that the Transporter catches up (especially if it does so by itself eventually). I'm running SC 7.2.1 under Win XP. Units are wireless, server is wired to the router. Direction of sync doesn't seem to matter.

Before I raise a formal support request, does anyone here recognise this, and know how to fix it?

-- Brian

2008-11-11, 21:15
This is almost definitely it:


It depends somewhat on the format of the music you're playing. Typically if you transcode to FLAC on the server (disabling native playback), this will work around the issue.

This bug is targetted to be fixed in 7.3.1. I've got my fingers crossed too.

Brian Ritchie
2008-11-12, 18:05
Yes, that might explain it, thanks for spotting this.

Most of my tracks are in FLAC these days, so it could be that I'm not getting true sync until I play (say) an mp3 track. However, once the T is sync'd, it seems to stay that way. I guess I could queue up a prepared mix of FLAC and mp3, and see what happens... or maybe if I always start with an mp3 track, it'll be OK.

-- Brian