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2008-11-11, 09:57
I would like to know how to I change the setting in Squeezecenter to allow me to save playlists in a format that is relative rather than absolute.

I have just setup my music server and was thinking of getting one of those squeezebox so I can play music all over the house. I have a mix OS environments so when I create playlist on squeezecenter I would like to use the playlists on winamp and xmms. At the moment I don't use playlists to listen to music because sorting out playlists is a pain and transferring them to other devices, the playlists then wasn't associated with the music tracks so I have to sort them out manually. So it would be nice that squeezecenter would have the abilities to sort this out.

2008-11-16, 22:14
i don't know if there is such an option. if not, u could submit an enh request.

by why use SC to make playlists? seems slow and cumbersome. i think winamp playlists work with SC, why not use that instead?

2008-11-17, 20:41
by why use SC to make playlists? seems slow and cumbersome.

I agree. I use Foobar2000 in Windows to create playlists. Once I'm done, I open the M3U in a text editor and globally change the Windows-specific absolute path to a relative path that works both in my Linux SqueezeCenter environment and when I reload the playlist in Foobar2000.

2008-11-17, 21:07
Not currently possible, but a feature request has been filed to address the issue and is currently targeted for inclusion in the 8.0 release. It is being tracked as bug 6447 at:

Take a moment to add your suggestions or comments. While there, be sure to vote for the bug so that it continues to receive appropriate attention.

2008-11-18, 10:58
(...) change the Windows-specific absolute path to a relative path (...)

Hi atrocity,

could you please give an example of a modified playlist? How is the correct syntax for those relative paths?


2008-11-18, 11:36
could you please give an example of a modified playlist? How is the correct syntax for those relative paths?

When I create a playlist in Foobar2000 on my Windows machine, I save it in what Windows sees as N:\SqueezeboxMusic\Playlists. Foobar2000 saves the file names in the play list as (example):

N:\SqueezeboxMusic\Pink Floyd\More\Cymbaline.flac

I open the M3U file in a text editor, change all "\" to "/" and then change
"N:/SqueezeboxMusic/" to "../" so the above file name winds up as:

../Pink Floyd/More/Cymbaline.flac

At least, that's how I remember it...I'm currently away from home and can't look it up to be positive.

2008-11-18, 12:32
Okay thanks for your help!

Thought that could be a solution but this doesn't work for me...

I want to use playlists (m3u) that I originally built in Winamp with SC too, but they won't play!
The m3u playlists are located in the same directory as the tracks and look like this:

#EXTINF:220,The Lawries - Sailboats
The Lawries - Sailboats.mp3
#EXTINF:410,Midlake - Roscoe (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Mix)
Midlake - Roscoe (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:251,Clara Hill's Folkwaves Feat. Thief - About You
Clara Hill's Folkwaves Feat. Thief - About You.mp3
#EXTINF:240,Andrew Bird - Imitosis
Andrew Bird - Imitosis.mp3
#EXTINF:283,Breaks Co Op - Duet
Breaks Co Op - Duet.mp3
#EXTINF:331,Roebeck - Atlantic
Roebeck - Atlantic.mp3
#EXTINF:246,A Race Of Angels - Africa Displaced
A Race Of Angels - Africa Displaced.mp3
#EXTINF:399,Findlay Brown - Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Reanimation)
Findlay Brown - Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Reanimation).mp3
#EXTINF:281,Choir Of Young Believers - Riot
Choir Of Young Believers - Riot.mp3
#EXTINF:260,Thief - Down, Down
Thief - Down, Down.mp3
#EXTINF:187,Little Dragon - Twice
Little Dragon - Twice.mp3
#EXTINF:271,Kalabrese - Hide
Kalabrese - Hide.mp3
#EXTINF:298,Nostagia 77 - Little Steps
Nostagia 77 - Little Steps.mp3
#EXTINF:316,Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger
Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger.mp3
#EXTINF:204,Eva Be Feat. Pegah Ferydoni - She Walks Alone (Secret Love Remix)
Eva Be Feat. Pegah Ferydoni - She Walks Alone (Secret Love Remix).mp3
#EXTINF:195,Paul Weller - The Loved
Paul Weller - The Loved.mp3

They work fine with Winamp on Vista. When I want to play them with SC over my Transporter just nothing happens :(
If I play the tracks without playlist - e.g. a complete album - the track order will not be correct.
As you can see in the playlist example I don't use numbers at the beginning of each track / filename.

I run the latest version of SC 7.2.1 on my QNAP.

Any ideas?

Edit: Maybe there is a 3rd party plugin that makes SC playing M3Us ;)

Brian Ritchie
2008-11-18, 19:00
On the whole, I prefer relative paths in playlists. It makes it easy to move to a new drive; it also means that if I create an "mp3 shadow" of my flac library, I can (usually!) get away with copying the playlists and changing ".flac" to ".mp3". (Why this might not always work is left as an exercise :-) )

I don't trust all playlist-reading tools to be able to interpret ".." correctly (at least, not under Windows); so I prefer to keep my playlists in an ancestor of the music files. I have most of my music organised in folders by artist and then by album, all in a folder called "My Music" (I'm using Win XP); and in SqueezeCenter my playlists folder is set to be "My Music".

For the most part, this works fine. m3u playlists built using SC use relative paths. When I moved the whole kaboodle to a second (larger) internal disc, the playlists worked fine untouched.

Then I started to run out of space, and added another disc, this time external. I added a shortcut to it from "My Music". SC had no problem with this at all. Unfortunately, Windows shortcuts are but a pale shadow of proper symbolic links on proper operating systems, and fail to look like folders just when that's exactly what I'd like. For one thing, Explorer doesn't list shortcuts alongside folders, so the shortcut gets lost amongst all those top-level playlists. When I add files from the third drive to playlists (not just in SC, but in every other tool I've tried), the full path is saved, drive letter and all; no mention of the shortcut. I tried replacing the full path with the name of the shortcut, but (thanks again, Microsoft) that didn't work.

And I daren't even dream of trying to build playlists over the network (e.g. by using MediaMonkey on my laptop with the server's drives network-mounted). Last time I did that (a long time ago now, admittedly), on the next scan SC added duplicates to its library for each playlist track, presumably because it assumed that the network path version in the playlist was distinct from the local version.

-- Brian