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2008-11-11, 09:47
Hi all

Anyone familiar with this new mobile phone music service?

It seems that you get "unlimited" downloads to your phone and one registered pc (one at a time anyway) and that any tracks downloaded are yours to keep forever (although some sort of copy protection must exist to restrict them to one pc at a time)

Anyone know whether these would work with slimserver?

Cheers, Ant

2008-11-11, 10:06
Keep forever? i thought this was a subscription based service, like Rhapsody and Napster etc?

2008-11-12, 05:51
Yes keep forever.

The deal is available on PAYG mobiles as well as contract.

If you buy a Nokia 5310 from Orange they are 130 on PAYG. This then gets you a 12 month subscription to Nokia's music service where you can download any of 2.1 million tracks they have. Once downloaded they are yours to keep forever.

The snags are that you can only use them on one computer (although they will allow you to transfer them to another once the computer dies - the idea is they are only available on one computer at a time) and you can only play them on one mobile device - this is policed by digital rights management as the files are all wma drm.

Seems a great deal to me. Only problem is I already have a PAYG Nokia 5310 and the downloads are only available with a newly purchased phone!

As for the 5310 - it is a good phone and the sound quality as a portable music player is very good, better than most other phones I have heard and as good as most mp3 players too. It can only have a max. of 8gb memory, but that is quite a good anmount really.

I just wonder if it is possible to download the tracks and store them on my NAS drive and play them through slimserver to my squeezebox?

2008-11-12, 06:30
How would you get round the dreaded DRM ?