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2008-11-10, 13:13
ok, guys, i am coming straight from a two channel old school stereo using cd player. i am technologically slow, a luddite. so here's the deal:

bought new house, prewired for speakers and cat5. i have in-wall or in-ceiling b&w speakers in 16 rooms. think i can pare that down to 5-6 zones. i need independent play ability (2 teens). i want to amplify them w. rotel 1048s and 1052s (2 of each?). i plan to store all my music in lossless form on hard drive/nas (drobo?) run w. the new macbook pro (ok?).

do i need a duet and 5 receivers? the house is big, 5225'sq main story w. 1000'sq media room upstairs. i have 2 iphones which i wd like to use w. new slim app to run things. would i need some kind of linksys to get music to amps?

i literally dont know if all these things hooked together will work.

what am i missing/wrong about? i had wanted a sonos system, but w. hard wires and large spaces, slim devices seem the ticket.

i am a stranger in a strange land; what say you??

2008-11-10, 14:23
TBH, I'd consider a professional installer to help you understand the options and costs. There's more than just Slimdevices and Sonos, all the way up to Sooloos for a whole-house install.

IMHO, you'd certainly want a good media server, maybe Windows Home Server, rather than mess about with Drobo and laptop.

2008-11-10, 14:42
thanks. i had 2 local quotes, but they were pushing their product lines-- escient and elan-- and nothing else. neither really seemed open to nas etc.

i cant get wife approval for soolos, but will continue the search. may just go to my apple store and beg for help!

2008-11-10, 14:59
>i cant get wife approval for soolos<

Hmm, I wonder why ;)

2008-11-10, 15:04
i think i know!!

2008-11-11, 06:48
what am i missing/wrong about? i had wanted a sonos system, but w. hard wires and large spaces, slim devices seem the ticket.

Generally Slim Devices are nice because they help you avoid the long hard-wire runs. See this thread for some background on the difference: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=53288.

2008-11-11, 08:11
thank you-- i have a lot to learn.

2008-11-11, 16:07
JPAX you've got a large installation and a whole range of options. In principle you are correct you could do exactly what you suggest you have a whole range of options and ways to do it using the Squeeze devices.

Some of the key decisions you want to look at is how you want to select your music and how visual you want the playing to be. By this I mean...

You have three different ways of selecting tracks, the Controller, a browser and any infrared remote control paired with an Squeeze device except the receiver. (Plus third party devices like iPod, home automation devices etc.)

If someone wants to see what is playing then they have to look at either the controller, a browser or the device (again excluding the receiver).

As you have so many rooms/zones it seems likely that you will have different music playing in different rooms at the same time. Are browsers going to be enough for people to use or are they going to want a more dedicated device. Essentially do you want to fire up a PC in order to play music.

If I make the assumption that the browser may not be sufficient then you have the option of buying multiple controllers or going with devices other than the receiver in order that you can use the infrared control.

If you then look at infrared then you have some limitations. The Squeezebox has to be where you want to use the infrared ie in the individual rooms.

With 14 rooms that implies quite a large property so one consideration could be the WiFi range. I'd guess that you may require more than one access point. Bear in mind that the controller can't yet roam between access points.

Once you have those considerations it will make it easier to consider how you actually implement your needs.

Whilst I know little about the other available systems than the Squeezeboxes these questions are the sort you should have in mind before looking at any of them (including Squeezebox).

2008-11-12, 15:16
do you have an opinion regarding using iphones as at least auxilary controllers?
thanks for your thoughtful response as well.

2008-11-13, 05:35
Try these links for background reading. BTW you have a big advantage in the cat5 and the speakers already in place. Installation done!




If price is no object consider




Patrick Dixon
2008-11-13, 06:12
How you go about it depends on how the speakers are wired. If they are all wired back to a single point, then go with the Rotel amps and as many Duets as you want zones. The problems you may run into are -

1) you won't be able to control volume independently in rooms within a single zone

2) you may have wireless reception problems with the controller handsets in such a large property.

You can address the latter using strategically placed additional wireless access points wired into the network using the installed CAT5.

Otherwise you're looking at a stereo amp per room, and then a Classic (SB3) or Duet per room, grouped into sychronised 'zones' via SqueezeCenter for control purposes. You can control the Classics via the Duet Controller, and hide the IR remotes away if you wish, but it's sometimes useful to be able to locally control volume or mute speakers in one room of a 'zone', and the IR remote would be ideal for that.

You are probably better off using a dedicated server for SC and the music - maybe a Mac Mini if you want to stay all Apple, or a WHS or Headless Linux machine depending on your technical abilities. Wire the server to the network and then use wired or wireless to connect the Duets/Classics as appropriate.

You then rip you music on your desktop or notebook, and save it across the network on the music server.

2008-11-13, 15:01
JPax sorry but I don't have an iPod or iPhone as the former never had the capabilities I was looking for to replace my old player and work gives me a phone for free. I can't really offer an opinion though there has been good reports by people using iPeng.

Take a look at posts py Pippin who wrote iPeng and I believe he has a new iPhone app as well. Pippin has just started a support thread on the 3rd Party Plugins forum http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=51929

The iPod can I believe connect via wireless LAN and I understand the iPhone can do so as well (you probably don't want to let it use the phone network due to the network charges). This may have the advantage that it could roam between access points, Pippin should know the answer.

2008-11-14, 12:38
wow! lots to read, thanks very much for posts

2008-11-14, 12:41
one other thought: the house is also hard wired for volume controls in nearly every room...

2008-11-19, 08:30
all wiring goes back to a media closet. the installer told me it is wored for satellite and cable to each room. dont know if that makes a difference.

love the naim, but trying to go cheaper...
i think my wife is going to smother me in my sleep.