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2008-11-10, 11:40

I often have problems with slow response on my SB Duet. I am on the newest proper release 7.2.1 I think. Everything is connected via wifi, no dropouts in sound or anything. Basically my problems is that when the remote has not been used for some time when I try to adjust the volume it takes 10-20 seconds before anything happens. This is extremely frustrating as sometimes the volume jumps all of a sudden because I have no idea how loud I have turned it up.

Anyone have any suggestions?

2008-11-11, 20:23
I too have that problem, plus more! Actually my duet worked fine once I plugged in the exceptions into my firewalls to allow it to work, however shortly after the last automatic firmware upgrade my unit stopped responding, or responds extremely slowly. I can pull up Pandora for example, get a stream of music going, but then the remote 'checks out' it has trouble connecting to the Squeezenetwork, gets sort of in a fit and thinks its not connected to anything, all while the receiver will continue to stream music for hours. I've tried shutting off my firewalls completely, moving the squeezebox into the same room with the wireless router, rebooting controller, etc etc, all with no luck. I've contacted logitech and they are boneheads, all I get is some prefab answer from some cyber 'customer service' person that doesn't even appear to have read my problem or question. Very disallusioning since I absolutely love this product, however it doesn't work at all for me. there goes $400 bucks down the tubes. Hope you figure out your problem, and if anyone knows the answer to this riddle please help! I'm using a Netgear wireless N router and have great wireless coverage throughout the house.