View Full Version : where are the rest of the instructions?

2008-11-10, 05:35
I have finally upgraded from a SLIMP3 to a Duet - and I am way happy!

I have noticed a lot of un- or under-documented features, where can I find out more about them? Is there a detailed user's guide?

Some things I have been trying to find more info on:

The IR port on the controller
The headphone jack on the controller

The .pdf user's guide I found had no info about this stuff. I suppose I can search these forums for more info, but these things should be documented in the user's guide, or an advanced guide.


2008-11-10, 06:01
Here's some info on the applets for the Controller: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SqueezePlay_Applets.

The headphone jack is now enabled for beta versions of SC, and I would guess will have more documentation added after it's official.

No word on IR capability yet.