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David Cullen
2004-04-17, 23:10
Thanks Dean. Great news that each play seperately.

Makes sense about it being MP3 when in synch but this is fine as will only
really be synching them for parties etc.


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Hi David,

On Apr 17, 2004, at 9:52 AM, David Cullen wrote:

> Not a techy so apologies if this is a dumb question...
> At the moment I have 2 sp3s which will end up in the dining room and
> main
> bedroom.
> I ripping all my CDs and encoding them with FLAC. At the moment I have
> lame
> & flac on the server so that the sp3s can play the flacs.
> My plan is to get a wired SB to put in the main listening room along
> with an
> external DAC.
> Thinking about this made me wonder whether slimserver would have a
> problem
> playing FLACs natively to the SB whilst still being able to play them
> to the
> sp3s as well?
Each can play independently and the appropriate conversions will happen
for each.

> And what will happen if I synch an sp3 with a SB? Will the sb still be
> playing the FLAC natively?
If you sync the two players, they both will be getting MP3 encoded data
in order to make sure that we can control the sync/latency.