View Full Version : Rescan time stuck at 9:00 AM (?)

2008-11-08, 13:37
This is a weird problem. In the settings menu on my SB3 there is an option to set the rescan time. I can go into that screen and change the rescan time to 3:00AM, great. But this morning the system was busy scanning around 9:00 AM, and the scan process messed up playback of the show my kids were trying to watch (my SageTV system lives on the same box as Squeezecenter).
So I go back into the menu, and it's set for 9:00AM!
So I change it back to 3:00, and exit the menu
And I go back into the menu and it's set for 9:00 again!


Am running 7.2... Has anyone else seen this?

2008-11-08, 14:40
Are you clicking apply at the bottom of the page after changing the time?

2008-11-09, 22:03
what page?
I am using my SB3 remote to do this.
I there an option to set the rescan time in Squeezecenter? If so, where?

2008-11-10, 08:15
Yes, there is a page in SqueezeCenter settings for plugins, and it will have a link to the settings page for each plug-in.

I didn't realize you could also do it from the remote.

If it still won't stick, I don't know what it could be, but I'd look into a permissions problem.

2008-11-10, 11:28
I found that settings screen and made the update there, and it appears to be sticking.
thanks a bunch for your help!