View Full Version : Squeezebox does not play, log fills up

2008-11-08, 07:36

I have installed squeezecenter 7.2.1 on Ubuntu 8.0 for x86. Some mp3 and alac tracks play fine, but some don't. For example, when I try to play any track of the Zauberflöte album, the squeezebox remains silent, and the log fills up with messages as the one below (ten a second).

[08-11-08 15:19:32.0372] Slim::Utils::Misc::msg (1398) Warning: [15:19:32.0357] Use of uninitialized value in hash element at /usr/share/perl5/Slim/Player/Squeezebox.pm line 1215.

This is a problem. Any idea about what could cause it, and how to solve it?

Thank you in advance, and regards,


2008-11-08, 09:10
In fact it seems that my squeezecenter does not play tracks whose tags include accents (i.e. à, é, è, ê, ö, ü, etc.). It is systematic and reproductible here. It is rather annoying since I have a lot of classical music and french chansons, and therefore a lot of tags with accents.

Should I signal this as a bug?

Thank you for support and regards,


2008-11-08, 10:51
Definitely, file a bug .(or search for an existing bug that fits the problem)
Similar issues have been corrected before ? and should be working now.