View Full Version : SC 7.2.1 and N770 Skin

2008-11-08, 06:06
Well I went and installed the new version, and of course now I wish I hadn't. First up, how can I go back to the version prior to 7.2.1?

The problem seems to be that the updating for the N770 skin is unusable, it starts, then stops (and also stop the music playback for a while) and then doesn't update correctly (i.e. in now playing the icons appear on the screen, but nothing else: no art, no title, no progress bar etc).
When I just open the 'home' page, it no longer reports the server stats (i.e. number of tracks, artists and albums) or even display the on/off button.

All really a pity as it had been working very nicely until I installed the new version. Serves me right.

Just thought I'd add that if I use my PC everything is fine and works as usual, just not my N800 running the N770 skin.