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2004-04-17, 07:44
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> Any IR codes received and 'recognised' by a
>SliMP3 or Squeezebox are relayed as IR messages out
>on xAP. The xAP Slim connector does not currently
>relay the 'raw' IR commands that the Squeezebox
>(only) is now able to receive with its new firmware.

Does this mean that if I had a sb, I could initially
decode the IR codes, but once decoded, use the s3?
Or, even if I am able to decode, the s3 would not
be able to process it because the s3 can only
receive it's own codes, regardless if the slimserver
knows what to do with the codes or not, while the
sb would be able to process any ir code, regardless
if it was meant for the sb or not.

>This information is not currently provided on
>the SlimServer CLI and I think it is probably best
>that some form of 'pre-recognition' is done
>internally within the SlimServer and then sent out
>as a 'recognised IR' event. This way the SlimServer
>could act as an IR learner which would be really
>useful as a device in its own right.

This is pretty much what I was thinking.

> At the moment we do not have a dedicated piece
>of xAP IR output hardware , xAP is really the
>software enabler behind other existing hardware.

What about this?


>However we can support the sending of any (learned)
>IR via other xAP enabled devices for example the
>HomeVision unit - and possibly soon the Leopard
>controller. Do you have either of these ?

No, I use Mister House. I've been thinking about
HomeVision or Leopard, maybe even HAL or JDS Stargate.
But since the purchase of the slimp3 (and probably
an sb soon), I've been rethinking this.

>If there >was a nice low cost IR output device that
>we could >xAP enable then we could take a look at
>that.. If it >had a serial interface this is omething
>I could knock up very rapidly - USB might take me a
>little longer. The Xantech one is rather expensive.

I only mentioned Xantech because I have one of the
simple 1x4 IR connecting blocks and a tabletop reciever
with some emitters - less than $100. If I could use
the sb as a receiver, I could move the tabletop
reciever to somewhere I don't want or need music right
now. Although if the sb could replace the tabletop
receiver, I'm going to e-b@y the 2 receivers I have
and buy two sb's! The piece I see as missing is
some sort of hardware piece that emits the IR code
from the server to the IR infrastructure. USB or
Serial would be fine - serial is probably much cheaper.
If that's the case, I'm going radio shack today and
get a few db-9 adapeters with an rj-45 female
interface and start working on this today.