View Full Version : Duet vs. Receivers

2008-11-06, 09:14
Searched, but no definitive answer..I'm considering buying Squeeze receivers exclusively...that is to say I have no use for the nice remote in the duet, everything I do will be by laptop and mobile phone (no interest in viewing album art,etc. but running the server gui is more than sufficient for operability). I guess what I'm asking is can I simply buy a duet receiver, and use slimserver to get otherwise full functionality?

2008-11-06, 09:58
Officially: you will need at least one SBController to set up the SBR's. One will work for as many SBR's as you want and you don't have to use it after setup.

Unofficially: http://projects.robinbowes.com/trac/Net-UDAP has helped many people set up their SBR's without a controller. No guarantee, but Robin is good and active here, so if you run into any problems, as long as you're polite and remember he never promised anything, he will most likely fix whatever problems you have since it makes his tool better.

So you can play it safe and start with a Duet and add SBR's later, or see if Robin's tool works for you. (You will need to download some other stuff on Windows, but its a pretty simple install on Linux which comes with most of what you need.)

Or if you have a friend with an SBC, you can borrow it for a bit to set things up.