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Kevin Hawkins
2004-04-17, 07:12
OOPs - some of the info below was wrong...

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> From: Kevin Hawkins
> Sent: 17 April 2004 14:35
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> Subject: [slim] Rescan
> Are people running the Windows (service) version seeing a
> much speedier startup when the database cache is enabled ??
> I don't see this - what happens for me is that when I
> startup without a database cache the Slim Displays all
> power up and I can see the 'tracks' incrementing as the
> server indexes my files via the information menu. I can
> even use the Slim players to play music and also access
> the web interface. I takes around 2 1/2 hours to index the
> files :-( (there are around 100K).
> Once the server has done this if it is restarted and now
> uses the cache file it has created (50MB) it starts up but
> then immediately blanks the Slim Displays for the first 70
> minutes - the web server is not useable either
> (effectively I lose control of the app). This is really
> poor I feel . I can see that it is accessing the music
> files, which are on a NAS server though so obviously it is
> checking something. The memory footprint of slimsvxc stays
> constant at 200MB 15% cpu usage. Even worse after this
> hour plus wait with nothing apparently happening the Slim
> displays leap into life and the web server runs but the
> indexing of the database starts AGAIN (65% cpu and
> growing memory usage) - and so I then get the 2 1/2 hour
> wait whilst the library builds

AHH - just timed this and the time for this second scan is not the 2 1/2
hours but is only about 30 minutes - the files get scanned much quicker now

> - so the cache has served
> absolutely no purpose and has in fact made things 50%
> worse timewise. Nothing has changed in the music database
> to mean that it needed rebuilding. The cache period seems
> 50% faster which looks inline with the posted figures
> others see in this thread but then the index runs still :-(

So now overall my scan time with the cache enabled is 100 minutes cf 150 or
so without the cache. But with the cache I get the 70 minute blackout at
startup and then a 30 minute scan.

> Having a user experience of an hour 'total' blank displays
> and a 3 1/2 hour library build with the cache enabled (for
> 100K) tracks does not seem right.

This is actually 1 hour 40 minutes - I hadnt realised the second pass 'scan'
went much faster