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Kevin Hawkins
2004-04-17, 06:22
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> Subject: [slim] Talkback IR
> Does squeezebox have talkabck IR? I've gotten used to my
> Xantech IR repeaters having a little red LED that blinks
> back at me when an IR command has been received. Slimp3
> doesn't do talkback, but it's pretty obvious when you
> press a button - at least when using the devices as
> intended - which brings me to my next question.
> It seems like I could use the squeezebox as a remote IR
> receiver. Can I somehow make my slimserver an IR
> repeater/hub kind of thing so that I could control the
> rest of my whole house a/v setup? The path would be
> through the squeezebox to the server and then out to the
> xantech repeater to control a DVD player, VCR, DVR, tuner,
> amp, whatever.
> Has someone done this? Was all the talk about xAP related
> to this? I've looked at it, but I can't seem to find any
> info on an IR piece that emits a signal that I could
> install in my server.

Hi Paul,

Any IR codes received and 'recognised' by a SliMP3 or Squeezebox are
relayed as IR messages out on xAP. The xAP Slim connector does not currently
relay the 'raw' IR commands that the Squeezebox (only) is now able to
receive with its new firmware. This information is not currently provided on
the SlimServer CLI and I think it is probably best that some form of
'pre-recognition' is done internally within the SlimServer and then sent out
as a 'recognised IR' event. This way the SlimServer could act as an IR
learner which would be really useful as a device in its own right.

At the moment we do not have a dedicated piece of xAP IR output
hardware , xAP is really the software enabler behind other existing
hardware. However we can support the sending of any (learned) IR via other
xAP enabled devices for example the HomeVision unit - and possibly soon the
Leopard controller. Do you have either of these ? If there was a nice low
cost IR output device that we could xAP enable then we could take a look at
that.. If it had a serial interface this is something I could knock up very
rapidly - USB might take me a little longer. The Xantech one is rather