View Full Version : select music on SBClassic - Pandora

2008-11-05, 21:21
Hey guys - I am lovin' my new Squeezebox Classic. Here is my question: Can I give thumbs up/down to music Pandora selects for me while using the SQClassic? I have done quite a bit of selection while online with my laptop, but now that I am playing my stations so much on the SQClassic, I am sometimes getting songs I want to remove from my "genome".

I am hooked up wirelessly and am running Pandora directly on the SQClassic with no online connection through my laptop, so I can't seem to figure out the way to do this. Thanks

2008-11-05, 22:49
It's been a while since I used Pandora, but if I recall correctly, you can do this when you arrow right from the track in now playing.