View Full Version : Shoutcast plugin problem

Kevin Hawkins
2004-04-17, 05:06
Hey - suddenly found the new plugin as part of my nightly download - it's
great when something you already own just keeps getting better ! Thanks.

However I have a problem on some streams. I am running on WinXP with the
service version of 4/16 - the 4/17 version doesn't appear to have a Windows
build yet.

Running say Virgin FM or HitzRadio.com (Pop) I find I have what I can only
describe as a pulsing volume over the playback - running on a 1 second cycle
consistently - I also have a 'clicking' that appears as a slight 'tic' every
1/2 second or so. When listening to spoken English the words are being
truncated at this 1 second interval meaning that it sounds surprisingly like
Swedish - the 1 second bursts almost sound jumbled or swapped around making
the spoken words unintelligable - Many other streams play OK via the plugin
but these ones consistently don't - I have a broadband link and I can play
these stations directly on another player with absolutely no problem, using
the same speed link (128K) . Perhaps they could be from a different
server/source (??) - not sure how to establish that. There appear to be no
cpu loading issues on the server.

Any suggestions - does anyone else see this ?? I do notice some dropouts as
well but the 'pulsing' and jumbling is so regular I feel its not a bandwidth
issue but a playback problem.