View Full Version : Duet with SlimServer 6.x ?

2008-11-05, 05:10

I have a Squeezebox Duet which I have working with my PC running SlimServer v7.2 - but ideally I want to run it from my NAS drive, a buffalo linkstation.

Following some instructions on this forum, I installed the latest v6 SlimServer onto the NAS Drive, and confirmed it was working over the web admin screen. I chose this version of the server as the instructions suggested that v7 would not run very well on the box due to increased processor demands, and equally I have seen no instructions for installing v7 on the box, which suggests it might be quite a hard task (I am no linux hacker !)

But the SlimServer says in cannot find my Squeezebox Duet, and the Squeezebox similarly can't see the server. Is this a version thing ? E.g. do I need to run SlimServer v7.x for the Duet ?

Thanks for any help,

2008-11-05, 05:15
Yes - duet only works with SC 7.x onwards

2008-11-05, 05:16
do I need to run SlimServer v7.x for the Duet ? AFAIK, yes.