View Full Version : Squeezebox Receiver has to have squeezecenter running?

2008-11-04, 16:42
Hi All,
Have solved the issue with a firmware update... if only it is suggested in the quick mannual, it'll save me 2 hours and a lot of frustration, sad...

anyway :_P it's up and it's running
but i found that my controller can not find the squeezebox receiver if my newly installed squeezecenter software is not up...

now this is not very convenient as i just want to listen to online radion sometimes and want to keep my laptop (squeezecenter server) off...

is it supposed to be so? i doubt it... but any suggestions?


i turn on squeezecenter, the receiver is found by controller, otherwize, doesn't show up in controller...

2008-11-05, 08:44
I don't have a Duet but presumably you need to switch to SqueezeNetwork before shutting down SqueezeCenter?

2008-11-05, 14:11
The controller doesn't talk directly to the receiver (except during setup only) it always talks to it via a server.

If you switch your receiver to the SqueezeNetwork before shut down if you want to talk to it with the controller then you will also need to switch your controller to the SqueezeNetwork. With your local SqueezeCenter shut down your controller is probably only giving you a few options one of which is to choose the music source. On there choose SqueezeNetwork and once connected it should be able to control your receiver.

Incidentially even if you have your receiver set up on bridge mode for your controller the controller still doesn't talk directly it just talks through the receiver to the server and then gets the server to talk to the receiver.

2008-11-07, 18:55
It would be very very useful to see a diagram of the comunicatoins between controller, receiver, router, and squeezecenter in various scenarios.


2008-11-08, 00:00
Please download the "real" manual it's good.


The quick guide eh :-/ no, waste of paper to print it, just put at note in the box please download manual at...

on topic. to listen to radio without PC you to choose SqueezeNetwork as music source in the music source meny on the controller.
SqueezeCenter is your local server that plays your files AND radio if you want to.


2008-11-11, 10:41
The provided manuals do not provide a network overview. I really think such a diagram would help. It took me quite some time to find out how it works exactly. I think I can draw such a diagram now. If I have time, I may do so and publish it.