View Full Version : Remote Streaming FLAC Files

Michael Baas
2004-04-16, 11:53
>At 01:06 PM 4/16/2004, Michael Baas wrote:
>>I've had a great time working with my new SlimServer, with the
>>of Remote Streaming FLAC files.
>>I can't seem to use the browser to 'Play' them. I set up a Winamp
>>Stream, opening 'http://localhost:9000/stream.mp3' in Winamp.
>>Has anyone else had trouble (or success) remote streaming FLAC files?
>Do you have the FLAC support plugin for WinAmp?
>You need it. Get it, and try to play a flac file without
>the SlimServer. Just open the .flac file and make it play.
>Until that works, getting the SlimServer to work is hard.
>If you are still having problems, it maybe either that flac.exe (in
>is not visible on the path, or that there is a bad switch in

Needed to add 'lame' to my path. Thanks for your help.