View Full Version : Squeezebox duet stuck at squeezenetwork icon

2008-11-04, 04:55
Hi guys...
just setting up the new duet, and it was all ok until i've reached the "find music source" part, i didn't set up squeezecentre yet, so it only displays squeezenetwork, and when i click the button, it just doesn't go ahead... tried many times, rebooted my router, hold on to the button on receiver and reset it, restart the duet controler... just no go

any help would be really welcome... >_<

btw the receiver's led is blue ... just doesnt' turn white...

2008-11-04, 11:53
Couple things... make sure your router is connected to the Internet.

Make sure your firewall is not blocking access.

If that doesn't work, please contact support:



2008-11-04, 16:46
appreciated, mike :)
have installed squeezecenter and it then pushed the new firmware update to my controller, after that, i can browse squeezenetwork...

so it's the flaky firmware that came with the duet that caused a bit of setup issue...

everything u mentioned is fine though

but hey thanks for posting reply~~