View Full Version : Where is favorites naming URL information stored?

2008-11-03, 15:21

Kinda a tough way to word the problem I have having, but once I describe it, should be simple.

Before we got the XM plugin fixed (YEAH!), the workaround was to make a favorite pointed to URL xmradio://channelnumber. I made a few of these as favorites and gave them names like "Big Tracks" or whatever the channel is.

Problem is, now that the XM plugin works, my SB3 still wants to show the old information/named that I called it based on the URL address, instead of the feed from XM.

I have deleted my Favorites folder, did a rescan. Also, I found the myradio.opml and favorites.opml folders and got rid of them too.

Where is this information hiding within SC so I can zap it??

2008-11-08, 17:30

Any ideas?