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2008-11-03, 10:16
I've just bought a SB Duet and an additional receiver. Controller and bedroom receiver connect to the network with no trouble and streaming music is fine. Lounge receiver, once turned on, keeps flashing it's red light. I have performed a full reset on it, I have tried it in different locations, including the bedroom, I have also tried connecting it to the ethernet cable, yet it still keeps flashing (for over an hour last night). Does anyone have any suggestions?

2008-11-03, 10:38
Have you gone through the setup? It sounds like you haven't. You don't just plug in the player and it works.

Setting up a player is much easier/quicker than setting up a player/controller (Duet).

With the player in this red-flashing state, turn on your controller and go into the menu to select players. You should see a player with a name made up of numbers (these nubmers represent part of the MAC of the player). Select it and it will go through the setup process. You will then see the player flash white both fast and slow. You will also see the lights go through a blue-green-white (I think that's the sequence) sequence.

At this point, the player will be connected to your server and ready to play tunes!

2008-11-03, 14:31
Thanks fo the info. So, I tried doing a few things:

1: Factory reset the receiver and wait for the red light to go from quick to slow flashing.
2: Turn on the controller
3: In the "Home" menu, I see: "Now playing, settings and Choose player."
4: I select Choose player -> "Lounge" receiver
5: Immediately the menu returns to the Home menu (no "Connecting to Lounge" message) and the "Choose player" option has disappeared.
6: Receiver continues to flash red.

I've tried different steps along the same theme, yet the receiver continues to flash red. During this, the controller is connected to the wireless network.

2008-11-03, 14:55
It is the controller which has to tell the receiver it's setup. Setting up the second receiver is identical to setting up the first. Follow exactly the same sequence as you did when you set up your first receiver.

The setup sequence sets up the controller first and then sets up the receiver. When doing the second receiver you don't need to do the controller set up bit again. Start again from section 8 on page 12 of the setup guide. (For a wireless connected receiver.)

If I recall correctly the setup has to be tried whilst the red light is flashing slowly. I think the fast flash means that it is doing a factory reset or it has encountered an error http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SBRFrontButtonAndLED gives info on the colours/flashes.

2008-11-04, 05:45
Thanks for the info Zaragon. I do understand that the controller only needs to be setup once and that setting up receivers is the same process. I followed the same process for setting up the 2nd receiver as I did for the 1st one, but the 2nd one keeps slowly flashing it's red light. I am very clear too on the different light codes.

I have tried power cycling the router, the controller and the receiver, though the receiver still just flashes slow red.

On the controller home page, it will not display the receiver as being available.

2008-11-04, 08:23
Where are you with the controller in relation to the new player when you are attempting setup? I recall reading someplace that during setup, the controller and the player form their own network to establish basic settings and then the player is connected to the main network. This implies that you would need to be nearby the SBR with the controller during the setup process. I was always in front of it during setup just so I could watch the lights.

This might be complete rubbish, but given your current situation it's probably worth a try.

Otherwise, I have no idea why the setup won't go for you.

2008-11-04, 15:29
bruceswan sorry didn't mean to tell you how to suck eggs. Sometimes though it is good to spell things out as it can be very easy to miss something obvious (guess how I learned that over many years.)

maggior your right the controller and the receiver establish a network between themselves directly not over your existing wireless LAN. The range may also be lower than your normal router so I would suggest being close even just to eliminate it.

Past that I haven't tried setting up a second receiver so I can't help you any further. It might also be worth dropping a message into the General Discussion form but this may be worth logging a call/email with official support.

2008-11-05, 13:34
Guys, thanks a lot for the info and suggestions. I finally managed to get to the bottom of it. I have a Philips HTS 9800w home cinema system, with wireless rear speakers. The wi-fi from the speakers was so strong that it was interfering with the wi-fi communication between the receiver in the lounge, the controller and the wireless router. Solution was to buy a more sturdy router and place it further away from the rear speakers. Everything is up and running now.

2008-11-05, 15:57
Glad to hear it's now working and thanks for letting us know what the problem and solution was.