View Full Version : iPod syncing via iTunes served by SqueezeCenter

2008-11-03, 08:29
Sorry if this has been asked before or it's documented somewhere really obvious... I can't find the answer though.

I want to be able to use SqueezeCenter to serve music to a number of PCs and a Mac on my network, so far nothing challenging in that I believe that this is bread and butter stuff!

My question is... if my wife wants to sync her iPod via her macbook from music served by SqueezeCenter, is this possible? Having all kinds of problems doing this just via shared iTunes libraries.

Any advice greatly received.

2008-11-03, 22:10
Sync her iPod as in fill it with music? no, you can't do that.

SqueezeCenter has no concept of portable music players or what to do with them. Music is *streamed* as opposed to files being sent over the network, so you can't just dump them to a disk.

2008-11-04, 00:33
thanks for the reply that is exactly what I meant and what I feared might be the answer - ho hum back to the drawing board.